Match Rule Update

Match Rule Update.

On arrival to your peg all keepnets and landing nets must be laid out on the bank and only placed into the water 15 minutes before the all in.

No gardening is allowed and this includes all forms of cutting back or ripping out of any bankside foliage. Bending over or pegging back bankside plants is allowed. anyone found braking this rule will be disqualified from the match. All anglers are asked to report any such rule breaking.

All fish must be netted, except for tiny fish including perch, Gudgeon or fry.

2 nets must be used from the start of the match and fish must be spread equally between the two. At the end of the match the two nets must remain in the water and no tipping of fish into one before the weigh in.

At the weigh in please check you net carefully and ensure your complete catch in emptied. Any fish left in your net after the weight in will not the counted.

The choice of pools and pegging will be decided by the fishery staff only. Although we welcome your ideas and comments please leave them another time and not just before the draw. The management also reserve the right to change the venue without notice, should they deem it to be within the interest of the fishery and the possible match results. We recommend all participating anglers come fully equipment to adapt to any situation/ style of fishing that may be needed.

We do not have many rules but unfortunately we have had to reposition these few to avoid any conflict and confusion.

All that is left to say is please enjoy your fishing and respect all fishery staff and fellow anglers


Frank and Vic