Open Match Fishing

Open Match fishing is extremely popular at Cudmore.  Details of draws and fishing times are below along with pricing and lakes available.

Tuesday Veterans Open09:0010:00 – 15:00£10
Wednesday Open09:0010:30 – 16:30£20
Thursday Veterans Open09:0010:00 – 15:30£10
Saturday Open09:0010:30 – 16:30£20
Sunday Open09:0010:30 – 16:30£20

Open Match fishing is available on the following Lakes.  Click the icons to display information on the lakes.


  • Every angler must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency rod licence and book in and pay the appropriate fee before fishing.
  • Anglers under 12 years must be accompanied by and fish next to a responsible adult.
  • Vehicles should be left in the designated car parks only and are parked at the owner’s risk.
  • Please fish only from designated pegs
  • If you are unfortunate to have an accident while on site, please report it to a member of staff before leaving the site.Aut



  • Fishing is not allowed beneath the electricity lines or between the marker buoys
  • Help us keep the lakes clean by taking all your litter and line home. You are responsible for any litter at or around your peg.
  • Please use the toilets provided.
  • Pets are not allowed on site unless prior permission has been granted.
  • Open fires and disposable barbeques are not permitted.
  • Mobile ‘phones and audio devices may be used at low volume only or with headphones.
  • All fish must be returned to the water after capture.
  • Between-peg vegetation and bankside trees should not be trimmed or damaged.
  • You are required to be civil to other anglers and the fisheries staff at all times.
  • Wildlife must not be disturbed or damaged. If any wildlife becomes injured, hooked or entangled, please report this to a member of staff immediately.


  • Fishing must be performed with a maximum of two rods and lines.
  • Rods must not be left unattended, and all hooks must be barbless patterns only.
  • Leads must be free-running – fixed leads are prohibited.
  • You are required to bring and use an appropriate-sized landing net.
  • Keepnets are permitted in bona fide matches only; carp sacks are not permitted at all.
  • The possession and use of padded unhooking mats is an essential requirement for anglers fishing for specimen carp, pike and catfish.
  • Wire traces must be used at all times for pike fishing.
  • Please be considerate when using bite alarms and keep the volume to a minimum.


  • All baits and groundbait must be used in moderation only.
  • Dog meat, cat meat and all forms of nuts are not allowed.
  • The only pellets that may be used are those purchased on site.
  • Live fish may not be used as bait.
  • The only fish that may be brought onto site are deadbaits for predator fishing.
  • Please take home or place in the lodge bins any unused bait and groundbait.
Please Note

Anyone who is NOT SURE about the Rules should ask the Managment BEFORE FISHING.


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