Georges Lake

Similar in stock to Adelaide’s but this water contains a small number of Pike to help keep the silver fish under control. The size carp range from 3lbs – 22lbs with cat fish in excess of 50lbs .

The lake has three islands providing target points for all pegs

The best baits include Dead Maggots, Pellets, Meat and dead baits for the Cats.
Georges Lake

Lake Rules

• All baits and groundbait must be used in moderation only.
• Dog meat, cat meat and all forms of nuts are not allowed.
• Live fish may not be used as bait.
• The only fish that may be brought onto site are deadbaits for predator fishing.
• Please take home or place in the lodge bins any unused bait and groundbait.
• No Keepents or carp sacks are allowed
• All Photo's must be taken at ground level (no standing up with fish)
• Slings or unhooking mates must be used

Full rules on the fishery can be find on the fishery rules page and all rules must be adhered too, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the fishery.

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