Panama Canal

Pegs are a width of between 14-16m, Depths on this lake range from 8in – 1ft on the near and far shelf and a central depth of around 5ft.

The lake has a near shelf that can produce massive weights fishing down the edge in the spring and summer. Mainly Carp 3-6lbs.

Not exclusively a pole water but pole fishing tends to produce the best catches.

The best baits include Maggot, Casters, Pellets, Corn and Meat.

Lake Rules

• All baits and groundbait must be used in moderation only.
• Only one angler per peg and fishing is allowed from the designated pegs.
• Please do not park on the grass between pegs
• Dog meat, cat meat and all forms of nuts are not allowed.
• Please take home or place in the lodge bins any unused bait and groundbait.

Full rules on the fishery can be find on the fishery rules page and all rules must be adhered too, failure to do so will result in you being asked to leave the fishery.

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